Enameled Door and Cabinet with Low Budget; How to Make It

Enameled Door and Cabinet Are Easy to Make

Enameled door and cabinet bring a more beautiful appearance and last longer. If we try to compare enamel with conventional paints, we will find that enamel offers a solid outlook. It can easily cover scratch. Enameled surface is also easy to clean because basically the coat does not collect dirt. Just by using wet cloth, then sticky dirt can be easily wiped out. Unfortunately, people often think that enamel furniture is more expensive than the one with conventional finishing. It is true, but if we consider the durability and the quality, then the money we have to spend for it is worth.

Actually we do not have to buy a ready-to-use enameled door and cabinet if we just want to have in our kitchen. Enameled kitchen cabinet can be created easily using the old one. What we need to do is just removing all the old coating using sandpaper. We need to use the fine-grit sandpaper to get a smooth surface. Clean all the dust from the surface using a dry cloth. Give the surface an undercoat; choose the white one of the matched color. Let the undercoat dry perfectly for about three to four days. Sand the surface one again with sandpaper, plus all the dust. Last, apply the enamel coat to the cabinet surface. For the best result, we can repeat the coating twice or three times.

We do not have to use a high quality wood for it because enamel has ability to cover low-quality wood grain. The appearance would be the same. The budget we need to have for the project is much cheaper than if we have to buy a new enameled kitchen cabinet. After all, it would be a nice thing to do. So, let us try to make our own enameled door and cabinet.

enameled door and cabinet type 4

enameled door and cabinet type 4

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