How to Buy Kitchen Cabinet in Jakarta

Where to order Kitchen Cabinet in Jakarta?

as an introduction, here is a testimony from one of our satisfied client

Gavin Kitchens Reference Letter copy

Gavin Kitchens Reference Letter

are you looking for producer of Kitchen Cabinet? we can assure you have come to the right place. we produced something has value for money, and present some solution for following common issue

  • you may find kitchen cabinet reference on magazine or some other place and wondering what it looks like if the cabinet installed in your house, with the right size scale,  of course. the common issue is, buyer just give the references to a carpenter, and then get the look of kitchen cabinet far from imagination. you may find reference on the internet, but the fact is the picture doesn’t fit with your space and need some adjustment here and there. so, we always provide 3D design prior to production. here are some samples of our 3D drawing
  • you must have noticed that the materials are the always the same, so we are here to offer the most reasonable price for each customised spesifications. you can compare with other reputable brand, with same specs our price gives more value for your money.

we manage experienced team with outstanding skill in interior design and production. we produced almost all variant of custom furniture such as Kitchen Cabinet or kitchen set, Credenza TV stand, wardrobe, Bed frame, etc.

please do not hesitate to contact our team for further discussion. if you need some reference or portfolio, please visit our portfolio page and also our instagram account

kitchen cabinet by Gavin furniture

kitchen cabinet by Gavin furniture

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